The Penny Coffee House Gallery is a place where work by local artists is curated and hung for the community to enjoy.

We believe art on display in a public space enriches a community. We love meeting artists from the Lethbridge area, and are proud to hang their works on our walls. If you’re an artist interested in submitting your work for consideration, please download this PDF for more information. We can’t wait to meet you!


Alejandro Alvarez

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Alejandro is originally from the area—born in Cardston and lived in Lethbridge until he was ten. He spent twenty years in Saskatchewan only to come back and call Lethbridge Home again. While gone he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Education degree. Graffiti was the catalyst of his visual art interest and from there he turned to abstract work and then the human figure as well. For the past five years he has been combining all those elements and more and just having fun experimenting in design, art and about art.

Alejandro is inspired by his own experiences and reflects on The Self often. He ia a consumer of art in various forms and that influences his own work daily. Conversation with those close to him, like the podcast he and his partner work on, is also a huge source of inspiration. He finds that it’s through conversation, (reading an author, listening to a musician, or speaking with a friend), that he learns so much and processes his daily experiences which feed into his art.

He believes that art is a language of passion expressed without compromise. He’s happy to collaborate on work with someone who feels the same!

Michelle Côté

She/Her  |  Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Originally from Calgary, AB, Michelle has been in Lethbridge since 2010. She works primarily as a freelance graphic designer, creating print and digital designs for her clients. When not creating on her computer, she loves to paint bright, colourful folk art. Her art has been displayed at the Penny Coffee House, Mocha Cabana (mural), at the She Boutique and Monique’s En 4th during ArtWalk (2017+2019), at the Allied Arts Council, the Spark Disability Arts Festival, the ‘Epic Dermis Art Show’ at Drunken Sailor in 2013, a private show at Casa in 2015 (10x10x52), and at the Trianon show ‘The Figure in Relationship‘ in 2018.

Michelle loves volunteering for arts-related events with the Allied Arts Council, where she served a 3-year term on the board from 2014 – 2017, and is also currently serving as volunteer curator for The Penny Coffee House Gallery. These days Michelle spends her spare time hanging out with her mini-dachshunds Annie + Francis, her stepson Kían, or booting around on her motorcycle.

Michelle Gallucci

She/Her  |  Twitter  |  Blog

Lethbridge-based artist Michelle Gallucci is a self-taught, who began showing her work in the late 90’s. Her current passion is capturing the essence and colors of the oceans while exploring ripples, reflections and deep ocean vistas. During family travels, Michelle learned about and now supports the nonprofit 4Ocean – a group who is passionate about ending the plastic crisis. This new series, the Four Oceans Project, is intended to connect viewers with an ocean experience and to spark conversations about the importance about protecting our oceans.

She explores the unlimited potentiality of abstract and impressionism through vivid hues, visual planes and volume within a two-dimensional framework. The use of organic shapes and realistic forms serve as references to living organisms in our oceans which create a reverie of unpredictable movement.

“Painting is my meditation; I love getting lost within a canvas and just experiencing the process. It’s my favorite thing”.

Kayla Kearney

She/Her  |  Website

Kayla is a self-taught digital artist and freelance graphic designer. Currently studying B.Mgt. at the University of Lethbridge and majoring in marketing.

Among many forms of digital art, Kayla creates Digital collage art that layers textures and symbols that portray more than just the eye can see.

“I’d like to think that lots of my works stem from philosophical ideologies but also just personal experiences. So then, I hope that within the collection of symbols, letters and textures, you find something else that resonates and speaks to you.”

Chres Riis Jensen

He/Him  |  Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook
Chres Riis Jensen is a mixed media artist. His sulptures are presented in a shallow three dimensional space implyng a window into a sonic environment. Influenced by Dada and Cubist movements, the love of all arts have driven Chres to focus on the guitar and music theme. Chris graduated from University of Lethbridge in 1991. Works at Gallery 244 Leduc CountyGrassroots Leduc Alberta, Blues Barn Music Venue Alberta and Penny Coffee House Lethbridge, AB.
“This is not a pipe.”  “Ceci n’est pa  une pipe.” “Esto no es una pipa.” 

Sheila Shaw

She/Her  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Sheila Shaw is a Cree, Metis artist from Gift Lake Metis Settlement. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2019 with a BFA in Native American Art Studio.

This geometric abstract style is still a fairly new way of painting for her. Dreams and memories often influence her work but this abstract style also allows her to paint intuitively and from emotion. The changing colours of the expansive southern Alberta skies has been a major inspiration for these particular works and drawing comparisons between personal emotions and the weather seemed appropriate.

Sheila has been part of group exhibitions at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, the Trianon Gallery and at Casa. She loves watching movies and spending time with her 2 children and their cat, Stardust.

Beck A S

They/Them  |  Instagram  |  Facebook
Self-taught visual artist currently residing in Lethbridge, Alberta. A surrealist at heart, Beck explores their subconscious through varying styles and mediums. Beck is currently working on a long-term series of self-portraits and other works pertaining to their personal journey with mental illness and addiction.

Amanda Schlamp

She/Her  |  Instagram

Amanda grew up in Nova Scotia where she completed a diploma in Photography, prior to moving to Lethbridge in 2016. She continues to develop as an artist and creator through her exploration with different mediums such as concrete, wood, and paint. Before moving to Lethbridge, she completed her college work term as an Intern at View Point Gallery in Halifax, NS. She continued on as a Gallery Assistant working with and learning from the Co-Operative Members. Her work has been shown in galleries in Halifax, as well as in Lethbridge, where she works full time as a Content Creator and Administrative Assistant.

Randi Thomas

She/Her  |  RGT Shots  |  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Etsy  |  Reddit  |  Podcast

Born on the east coast and raised in Southern Alberta, Randi has been accidentally creating art since her early teens through photography. She is an amateur photographer, as well as a self-taught abstract Artist and a certified Makeup Artist.

Her photography has a main focus around Alberta and British Columbia’s abandoned structures; but she is inspired by all of the natural beauty Southern Alberta has to offer. Painting came much later, introduced to her by her partner; and it has quickly become a cathartic (and important) part of her artistic practice.

Randi’s art has always been a private practice with a quiet sense of enjoyment; it hasn’t been until recently that she began sharing her work with others … It has opened so many doors for her, and she cannot wait to see where her art goes and how it evolves in the years to come.

Dorothee Van Dijk

She/Her  |  Instagram

Dorothee is a Lethbridge artist who creates large, colourful, abstract, multi-media artwork. By day, she is an Innovation Specialist for Southern Alberta with BASF Canada, and is also a dedicated yoga instructor. She finds inspiration in travel, and loves to explore the globe. Dorothee is passionate about family, friends, art, yoga, wine, coffee, and agriculture.


Amy Marie Arsene


Amy is a multidisciplinary visual artist. She has a long standing interest in the occult which influences most of her work.  Originally from Toronto, Amy moved to Lethbridge about a decade ago, inspired by the rustic beauty of the prairie and mountain landscapes.

Having been creative since childhood, Amy’s style grew to combine her love of illustration with taxidermy as well as botanicals and ancient symbolism. She also has a short background in tattooing and while not presently working in that field, is very interested to find a mentor willing to take her on as an apprentice this coming year.

Her work has been used in various local musicians’ album art, as tattoo reference, as tattoos themselves, her work has also been displayed at the Slice Bar & Grill as well as a handful of local shows by the local group: Guerrilla Art Collective.

Amy created Guerrilla Art Collective as a means for local artists wishing to gain experience as well as connection with potential buyers. The first show in September 2018 was a success, followed by a second in November. To this day the group remains a unit with plans for a third show in late spring 2019.

Amy is always open to commissions and you can contact and find many of her pieces displayed digitally on Instagram under the handle @starvingartistamy.

Maliya Dansereau


Maliya is an artist born-and-raised in Lethbridge. Currently attending high school, she enjoys math, science, and art! Her creative practice includes mixed media, painting, sculpting, and drawing.

Carissa Esau

Instagram  |  Website

Originally from Calgary, AB, Carissa has been in Lethbridge since 2015. Carissa is a student at the University of Lethbridge, currently studying art, biology and education. Carissa largely focuses on abstracted landscape in both acrylic and oil paint. When she is not painting, Carissa is an avid rock climber and traveler, exploring North America and Europe to experience the outdoors. Carissa’s passion for the outdoors and the mountains is often demonstrated in her artwork.

Carissa has work displayed throughout Lethbridge, including the Port co-working space, the University of Lethbridge and The Penny Coffee House.

Oshan Ford

Instagram  |  Facebook

Oshan is a self-taught abstract artist who demonstrates her passion for travel and the natural landscape in much of her work. Oshan grew up in Southern Alberta and has been creative since she was a little girl. She found her true passion in abstract art while living in Victoria, British Columbia almost a decade ago and hasn’t put down her paintbrush since. Her work has been displayed at the Urban Prairie Antique Mall in Lethbridge and currently is featured at both Owl Acoustic Lounge and The Penny Coffee House. Oshan has sold her pieces across North America. She is also part of the Guerrilla Art Collective, a small group of Lethbridge artists who produced their first art show in September 2018 with another show already in the works.

Leonard Heinonen

Photo.net | Email

Leonard is an amateur photographer focusing on nature and wildlife, the mountains, and the great outdoors. His interest in photography started in high school, with black+white film.​

In 2007, he got the photo bug again with his first digital camera. He has purchased 5 Nikon Digital cameras since 2007 starting with a small pocket s10 @ 320mm zoom to his current P1000 with​ a huge 3000mm zoom … all the better to see the critters without disturbing them.​
His work has been on the cover of Readers Digest More of Our Canada magazine, a feature article​ of his Waterton adventures, as well as in the Lethbridge Herald. Although his Fog and Mist collection may look like paintings, ​they are all photographs with the bare minimum Photoshop touches.​ View more of Leonard’s work on Photo.net.

Mike Jensen

Mike has been photographing for over 30 years. He is the owner and operator of Mike Jensen Photography, which was established in 2018.

He has had a segment on his history photos on Shaw TV, and an article about him in the local newspaper. He has been working closely with the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone Office. They have been using much of his work in a YouTube video to help promote downtown Lethbridge. Recently he had his photography displayed on the digital display at Casa.

Mike’s photography consists of portraiture, architecture, events, historical buildings and sites, street photography, real estate, the city of Lethbridge and southern Alberta.

He is a board member of the Lethbridge Historical Society and a member of the Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge.

His photographs currently on display at the Penny Coffee House are on sale for $150.00 each. He is also offering prints of the photos displayed for $20.00 each. You can order any of the prints by contacting Mike at 403-331-0324 or by email.

Dorian Mindru

Etsy  |  Facebook

Dorian Mindru is an artist who uses spray paint (and a sprinkle of magic) as his primary tool for creating his pictures.

He first discovered his artistic talent in the summer of 2008 when he went on a trip to Toronto and got to witness his older sister, Cristina “Phresha” Mindru, painting a mural at a festival with other artists.

He was blown away by the artwork being created so he began drawing in his sketchbook as soon as he got home.

Fast forward to today, after years of practice, he specializes in the creation of space galaxy paintings, nature paintings, and letter/logo designs on a wide range of canvases.

Katt Panic

Website  |  Instagram  |  IMDB  |  Youtube

Katt Panic is a professional makeup artist based in Southern Alberta. She works in the film industry, and runs her makeup business in Lethbridge, providing event/photoshoot/television makeup, face painting, salon services, makeup parties, and lessons to clients. Check out her YouTube channel to for makeup tutorials!

She has been an artist her entire life, painting and sculpting in her spare time. Her background is in visual arts and costume design, and she started her career in theatre and fashion. Her film work includes assisting in cult classics like Herschel Gordon Lewis’ BLOODMANIA, and assisting on festival favourite STILL BORN. For her complete film CV, check out her IMDB account (above).

Katt is active in the community, an animal lover, vegan, has two cats named Lydia and Grimm, and a siberian husky named Acoona. She also makes a mean vegan al pastor taco, and loves horror movies.

Lexi Pendzich


Lexi Pendzich loves photography. When travelling she fills her luggage with rolls of 35mm film. Her photographic works explore the lightness of adventure – scenes she’s stepped into, captured & placed in a creative capsule.

Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy’s father worked as a part time photographer with his Canon FTb, which is where his fascination with photography began. There was something exciting and romantic about the whole process, from getting the shot to many hours developing prints in the dark room. 25 years later, Jeremy took the same Canon FTb to India and captured his travels on film. This reignited his interest and inspired him to keep shooting.

Today, he still shoots with a full frame Canon, just in megapixels. As he continues to study accomplished artists, past and present, the learning and growing continues, along with great appreciation for the masters. As he’s been exploring and learning, portrait photography has revealed itself as his passion. If you need a headshot or would like a photo booth at your event, head over to jeremyrobinson.photo and get in touch.

Dryden Roesch

Instagram  |  Website

Dryden Roesch is an artist and graphic designer from Edmonton, Alberta, and an alumnus of the University of Lethbridge New Media BFA program. His varying interests are in graphic design, illustration, and photography. After interning at the Galt Museum & Archives, he relocated to London, England, in 2017 and worked at the Hayward Gallery. This year, he has returned to Canada to contribute his skills to Canadian cultural institutions.

Leslie Smith

Leslie is a local Lethbridge artist who creates artwork in her spare time. She is a Mother of three, and a Grandmother of two, which keeps her plate (and heart) full. She also works at a local restaurant as a server. When Leslie picks up a brush, she finds it relaxing, and uses the process as a way to refocus and recharge. Primarily self-taught, she continues to grow and refine her practice. We look forward to seeing more from this talented artist!


Andrea De Groot

Instagram  |  Facebook

Andrea grew up on a farm in Hays, AB, and is currently a Math Major at the UofL. Her passions are varied—since she was a kid, she’s always had a camera in her hands, capturing the beauty of her surroundings. Passionate about photography as a craft, she loves to photograph ‘anything and everything’, including families, graduates, lifestyle, landscapes, and animals. To view her work, check out her social profiles above!

Carole Hutchison

Carole is an accomplished local artist who creates custom art featuring an array of different subjects and mediums.

“I enjoy the challenge of trying new things. Often the paintings that I am hired to do are of things I wouldn’t typically paint. But going through the process is very educational and its helped me to perfect some of my techniques as well as learn brand new ones”

By far some of her most popular pieces have been of Buddha which sell quickly at the yearly auction held at the Galt Museum for “Helping Families Handle Cancer”, a charity organization which raises money to aid the families of children battling cancer. Carole is currently both a donor and a board member. Carole primarily works in Acrylic, although many of her earlier work was done in charcoal. All of her past and present pieces can be found on her website www.carolescolours.com , where prints and products are available for sale. Carole uses painting to meditate and relax. When she isn’t working or in her studio she enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies and playing with her dogs.

Charlene Julie

On the path of self-discovery and creative expression since an early age, Charlene ‘Cj’ Julie has continually found herself combining curiosities of the two in various processes and mediums, uncovering the connectedness of creation and evolution in a subtle yet powerful way. Often infusing mixed-media abstract-esque art with movement and meditation, her work can be known to evoke unique reflections in the viewer as it is interpreted. In 2014, after graduating from the Communication Arts program at Lethbridge College – while realizing how she had benefitted so deeply from her experiences of approaching  art as a healing modality – she responded to the call to lead others on their own journey of creative exploration. Cj can be found at Smudge Art Studio in Lethbridge, where she teaches art parties, classes, workshops and camps for artists of all ages, encouraging and easing others into enjoying their own personal creative process. To create with Smudge, visit www.smudgeart.ca. For original art, hand-crafted jewelry and wire-wrapped crystals, find Cj on Facebook at Charlene Julie (www.facebook.com/CharleneJulieART) and on Instagram @CharleneJulie.

Jessica Marcotte

Instagram  |  Facebook

Nature and Landscape are the inspiration for Jessica’s art. Living in Alberta, the big prairie sky and mountains are always calling her to paint.

I use a variety of mediums to create. My studio drawers are crammed with acrylic paints, markers, and pencils. My cupboards over flowing with wood, paper and mounted canvas. My work is often stylized with bold contrasting colours and high gloss finishes to emphasize the vibrancy of my favourite colours. My love of art extends to teaching. I love connecting with people through my workshops and helping others build confidence with their own artistic expression.

She invites you to join her at a painting workshop or at her next market. Her work is also available for purchase at the Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek, Alberta, or at her online shop: artbyjessicamarcotte.com/shop/.

Cattail Reed

Website  |  Instagram  |  YouTube  |  Etsy  |  Patreon

Cat is an artist currently based in Lethbridge, AB. She started painting in high school and recently began to completely immerse herself in art.

My name is Cat and I am a crafting robot from another dimension’s future! I recently became a full time artist and Twitch streamer (catdog3000) after studying environmental science for 8 years. I am still developing my style but I like the weird and the colourful!

Cat’s ultimate mission is to create large sculptures out of trash and have them peppered all over the planet. The art she makes from garbage or thrift store items are named ‘trash mutations’. With her other creations she tries to use the most environmentally friendly products she can find. For packaging, recycled paper and cardboard is used. Cat is passionate about the environment—contact her to find out about her art products that are eco-friendly!

Kate Ventura

Kate Ventura is a local student, currently attending the University of Lethbridge for Sociology / Social Studies Education. Some of her hobbies include embroidery, pottery, and many other types of art. She loves to draw and paint using different mediums and techniques, with pointillism being her favourite.

Laura Youngren

Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Etsy

Laura’s artistic journey has been a long and windy road with detours via interior decorating, esthetics/makeup artistry, furniture restyling & collecting antiques. She has always been able to see beauty and purpose in junk and has been repurposing since childhood. It started with restyling the kleenex box and upholstering her mom’s noxema jar into a sofa and stool for Barbie.

Her creations have evolved over the years but she’s true to her ADD diagnosis and has never been able to focus on just one medium or style. Her family calls her “jack of all” but she prefers “renaissance gal”. She definitely jumps around and experiments with mediums, styles and colour, but her work usually has a vintage feel.

One thing she knows for sure, she truly longs for the days of old where simple beauty was appreciated and we cherished and cared for our things instead of just throwing them away. A time when even a simple sentence was a delicacy for the ears instead of our abbreviated language of today. She often uses poetry as a muse and considers her art painted poetry. Her secret desire is that we would all revert back to speaking like Lucy’s “Anne of Green Gables” or Jane’s “Elizabeth Bennett”… oh how divine that would be!

Because she loves words so much, Laura thought she’d use some to give you a sense of what she’s all about, what she likes to create, her styles, fave materials and the sentiments she hopes her art evokes:

  • artist, renaissance gal, repurposer, imaginationist, professional putterer, collector of bits & bobs, flower sniffer, luv me some pretty, dabbler’n this & that, story teller, always rescuing furry things, God girl, dreamer and lover of the old, worn, torn & tattered
  • art dolls, assemblages, collage, mixed media, paintings, repurposed anything and everything, furniture design, decorative accessories, restyled lighting, etc.
  • shabby chic, scandinavian, bohemian, new victorian, gritty pretty, primitive, rustic, country, flea market style
  • charcoal & graphite, acrylics, inks, oils, encaustics and beeswax, mica, vintage finds, linens & lace, poetry, antique photos and ephemera, leafing, glass glitter
  • beauty, patina, distressed, vintage, chippy, whimsy, nostalgia, faded, floral, nature, giggles, joy, pretty, serenity, sepia, monochromatic, fragrance, colour, shiny



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